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Burying the bourbon…

southern wedding tradition

Southern Wedding Tradition

Rain on Your Wedding Day?

Wondering what Mother Nature has in store for your wedding day?  Want to hedge your bets?  Well, if you are getting married in the South, you may just want to try “burying the bourbon.” Yes, that’s right, “burying the bourbon.”

Southern folklore claims that burying a bottle of bourbon at your wedding venue exactly one month prior to the big day ensures a rain-free event!  Of course, there are a few details you don’t want to overlook: use a FULL bottle of bourbon; bury the bottle UPSIDE-DOWN; and be sure to MARK your burial site so you can enjoy the bourbon later on.


Now, I’m sure you are all asking the same question – DOES IT WORK?

Speaking from personal experience, I’d have to answer, YES!

We recently buried a bottle of Maker’s Mark (our bride was from Kentucky) at the wedding venue exactly one month prior to her wedding day and though the forecast called for a 40 percent chance of rain, the weather for the outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour was absolutely beautiful.

At 7:45 pm  we moved the party inside to the ballroom for dinner and dancing.  Exactly two minutes after the last person walked through the ballroom doors, the skies opened up and the rain poured down.

Pure luck or a little Southern divine intervention?  I’d say a little of both.

Bury those bottles!

Nancy Paris, President
Sea Star Events
Hilton Head, SC

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